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Health Benefit Testimonials

Health benefit testimonials

Mads Ovstang’s Story of Multiple Sclerosis

I had heard about the good things that the ProArgi9 was doing for people with challenging medical problems from some of my associates who were also involved with marketing health products, so I figured I would see if it could do me any good.

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Angelo CiCi & High Desert Heart Institute Study

After two weeks of being on the ProArgi‐9, I thought I was actually beginning to feel better. I wanted to believe it was true, while still staying open to the possibility that it might just be in my head.

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High Desert Heart Institute Study

Starting in July of 2009, the High Desert Heart Institute at Victorville, California, concluded an exhaustive study of the effects of ProArgi9 on 33 congestive heart failure patients.

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Sports & fitness testimonials

Gary Wise has been using Pro Argi-9 since 1993 to help him achieve world-class records in golf and rowing.

I couldn’t have competed in, or won, the 2002 World Championships without the knowledge that Dr. Ann de Wees Allen (my personal nutritionist) had so generously passed onto me. I used her Pro Argi-9 product to fuel me; without that, competing in the 2002 World Championships would not have been possible.

Brandi Carrier, Ms. Galaxy has been named the most beautiful woman in the world, as well as the most fit woman in the world. She has been using Pro Argi 9- Plus since 1993.

Pro Argi 9- Plus has been my Secret Weapon in winning all my competitions

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